5 Best Profitable Business Ideas In Kashmir in 2022

5 Best Profitable Business Ideas In kashmir in 2022

If you are looking for the best profitable business ideas to work upon in Kashmir in 2022, then you are at the right place.

As we know that the number of govt jobs in Kashmir is shrinking with every passing day, so it is very necessary for the Kashmiri youth to look for other alternatives, to have a decent life.

Recently, the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) reported that the unemployment rate in J&K is 21.6 percent, which is the worst among states/Union Territories in India, so you cant wait for the eternity to get a govt job. In addition, the number of govt posts advertised in Kashmir is very small and the number of applicants is very huge, so it becomes imperative for the Kashmiri youth to look for other options.

Keeping in mind the above facts, we are going to share with you a list of 5 profitable and low investment Business Ideas that you can start in Kashmir and become a job giver rather than a job seeker.

The Business ideas in Kashmir, that we are providing you today are low investment and high profit business ideas. They are discussed below:

Dairy Farming Business Idea


Dairy farming is a very lucrative business. In Kashmir, the demand for milk is very high and it is increasing with every passing day.

Dairy farming is emerging as an important sector in the economy of Jammu and Kashmir and has since years played an important role in the socio-economic upliftment in the region.

White Revolution has already helped other parts of India a lot and it has the potential to make an invaluable contribution to the agri-economy of the Kashmiri people.

Dairying is an all profit business, as every product produced by it has a huge demand in Kashmir, be it the milk, cow dung, or the calves.

Jammu and Kashmir is producing around 70 Lakh litres of milk perday and the demand for milk is almost double of it. Keeping in mind the production deficit. you can jump into the business and make best of it.

You dont need much capital to start a dairy farm as there are many govt schemes that can help you in this regard. The govt of Jammu and Kashmir has started Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (DEDS), under which it provides 2 cows to the applicants. In addition, you can avail subside as much as upto 50% under other schems of JK Govt.

In addition, Govt of Jammu and Kashmir is encouraging the dairy farmers of jammu and Kashmir to start cooperatives on the lines of AMUL. Govt has also sought help from AMUL in helping the dairies of Jammu and Kashmir to scale up their business and it has agreed to do so.

Cab Service Business Idea


Do you think of a nightlife or a late night journey at a place like Kashmir, which shuts with the sunset because of the prevailing conditions here. Since, Kashmiri roads look deserted after the sunset and people here prefer small vehicles over the larger ones, so it will be profitable for you to jump into the cab business. It is a going to be a very unique business idea in Kashmir.

Who does not want a quick and a comfortable journey. If you don’t have too much capital but have a car, you can register with any car aggregator like UBER partnership programme and earn money. The good news is that UBER is coming to Srinagar this year.

If you have a good amount of capital or have the good aggregator skills, you can start your own cab business and provide livelihood to hundreds of youth.

Diaper Manufacturing Business Idea


Disposible Diaper is the main product that has revolutionised the baby care industry. It is a never out of fashion business as people have started becoming health conscious which has in turn made them have a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

The Diaper manufacturing business has a huge market potential and a very strong position in the present market as it is used in almost every other household in a good quantity. The strong point about diapers is that it is one among few such products that is used across various age groups like infants, kids and elders. So this id going to be the best manufacturing business in kashmir.

If you think that diaper business is a well saturated business with no scope for the newbies, then you are wrong. Yes, to establish a diaper manufacturing unit and succeed, you will need to chalk out a sound business plan, which shall involve studying the varities of diapers and demand for each variety.

If you make use of good quality raw material, do good packaging and marketing, you will surely carve out a space for your busines.

Travel Guide Business Idea


The state of Jammu and Kashmir is endowed with mesmerising beauty, which attracts lakhs of tourists, both foreign as well as national, every year. These tourists enjoy spending time here.

Make your own “Tourist Service Aency” and give it a good and a catchy name. Make its detailed website and prepare a list of services that you can offer to the tourists. The services should include arrangements for stay, guidance, and company to various trekking sites.

To be a successful travel guide, you will have to equip yourself with proper skills, which shall include communication skills, management skills, social etiquettes and decision making skills.

The job of a travel guide is both challenging and interesting. You will enjoy exploring new tourist destinations and interacting with people from different backgrounds, while earning a lot of money. But, at the same time, you may at times, face difficulty in ensuring the safety of the tourists and handling customer services.

The perks of being a travel guide are that you will be able to avail free hotel stays and free food, develop rapport with the hoteliers and get a chance to live a life full of adventures.

Mushroom Cultivation and Processing Business Idea


Mushrooms are a very nutritious food rich in protiens, fibre and minerals. It is being cooked almost in every household in Kashmir on one or the other occasion. If you explore the market, you will find that there is a huge demand for mushrooms in Kashmir. This is a golden oppurtunity for the unemployed youth of Kashmir to explore.

The benefits of mushroom cultivation business are that it does not require much space, efforts and time. You can ideally start from a space of 250 Sqft and earn around 20000 rupees per month. What makes it more lucrative is that you will start earning just in the first month of the commencement of your business as this crop does not take too much to be ready.

If you have some spare space at your home , you can start this business by an investment of just 40000 Rupees. An element of care,however, is that you will have to ensure that you can regulate the temperature and hygiene of your cultivating space.

The added advantage of Mushroom Cultivation Business is that you can get assistance from the govt of Jammu and Kashmir, if you dont have enough capital with you.

These were the five most profitable business ideas in Kashmir for the year 2021. We hope that you might have found this article interesting and the above mentioned business ideas useful.

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