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Are you looking for some village business ideas. Don’t worry, we are here at your help.

Who does not want to earn money? All of us want to have a monthly decent income and be self reliant and independent. It is more so because of the rising prices of commodities and decreasing number of govt and corporate jobs. The problem becomes more worse, when it comes to the people living in rural areas, who do not have proper facilities and skills to get a good paying job.

However, there are many business oppurtunities that the people living in villages can avail. They can make use of these oppurtunities and have a decent living. To work on such oppurtunities and to turn them into a full fledged business, not much investment is required. In addition, they are very profitable and evergreen in nature. Let’s check these profitable business ideas one by one;

Which Business To Start In Villages | ganv Mai Kya Business Kare

Starting a business from scratch is a very hard process, but if you have a good business idea, you are already half way there. The “AMUL”, that we see today, was started in villages too, and today it has become the topmost cooperative of the ocuntry.

As the quote goes,”India lives in its villages”, it means that most of the Indian population resides in villages. Owing to this reason, Villages have a huge potential to be an appropriate location for starting a business. Apart from it, one does not require the documentation, govt licenses etc to start and run a business in villages.

Remember, that every big business that you see today, was once only an idea. Choose from the ideas below and start your business.

So the business ideas, that you can start in villages are listed below;

  • Candle And Aggarbatti Making Business Idea
  • Plant Nursery Business Idea
  • Vegetable Collection Store
  • Compost Making Business Idea
  • Mushroom Farming Business Idea
  • Pickle Making Business Idea
  • Cooperative Milk And Milk Products Business
  • Poultry Farming Business Idea
  • Organic Vegetable Business Idea
  • Tutoring Service Business Idea\

Let’s discuss these business ideas one by one.

1. Candle And Aggarbatti Making Business Idea


Candle and Aggarbati making is the first among our village business ideas.

It is a very low investment and high profit and high demand business idea for villages. You can start candle and aggarbatti making business at your home, with very less machinery. You can use your spare room, your kitchen heat source, extra home containers to run this business.

There is a huge demand for aggarbattis and candles in India, as people are using them in pooja, parties like weddings and birthday celebrations etc. Candles and aggarbatis are used in every household, on one or the other occassion, either due to some practical need or for the sensory experience. Their demand increases manifold during festivals, and you know well that India is a land of festivals.

Indian candles and aggarbatis are also exported to other countries like USA, UAE etc, which makes this business even more lucrative in nature.

You will require the raw materials like wax, perfumes, bamboo sticks, binders, wicks, colours, some containers and a weighing machine, and with this, you are all set to go.

Once you start your business, talk to shopkeepers in the nearby towns, and supply them your products. Further, you can partner with distributors and also become a seller on e-commerce website and get a pan-India reach.

Once you get succesful in that, you can grow your business, and even jump into exporting side.

If you don’t have enough money to invest into this business, you dont need to worry. There are already many govt schemes, that can provide you monetart assistance to help you start your own business.

2. Plant Nursery Business Idea


If you love gardening and to be surrounded by flowers, plants etc, and have a piece of land, then this village business idea is for you. Not only you, all of us love having beautiful lawns and courtyards filled with flower pots and greenery.

In addition, the urbanisation and the loss of greenery in urban areas have increased the demand for flowers and greenery manifold. This fact is what makes this business idea lucrative and very highly profitable.

The main investment in plant nursery business idea is that of time. In addition, you will need to spend some amount in buying pots, good quality seeds, gardening tools and compost etc.

You can have different varieties of nurseries on your piece of land, like flower nurseries, fruit plant nurseries, medicinal plant nurseries and forest plant nurseries. In addition, you can make pot and soil varieties of plants.

Once, your crop is plant nursery is about to get ready, you will require to go for marketing. Here, you can make use of local newspapers, door to door campaigns, paper posters and social media paltforms.

3. Vegetable Collection Store


Another business idea in village is setting up of a vegetable collection store.

Rural areas are the largest producers of agri products especially vegetables, but much of those vegetables is not able to reach the market and hence goes waste. This is where you can jump in and start your own business in the form of a vegetable collection store.

It is a very very small investment and high profit business idea. All you need to do is to collect vegetables from your co-villagers and then sell the same in nearby towns. It is a win win situation for both you and your vegetable suppliers, as they will be able to sell their extra vegetables and you will be able to earn benefits without actually making any large investment.

You will have to make sure that you keep both your consumers and suppliers happy. Otherwise, you wont be able to stay longer in this business.

Once, you start running your business successfully, you can upscale it by collecting vegetables from many adjacent villages and opening your vegetable outlets at different places.

4. Compost Making Business Ideas


Compost making or composting is a process of turning organic materials into a dark rich substance called manure. Manure is very usefulf for soil enrichment and a booster for plant growth. Compost contains essential ingredients like nitrogen, phsphorus and pottasium, and therefore it acts a natural fertilizer.

Composting is a very low investment and high profit business idea. It has a very high demand in towns and villages alike, as people have started realising the potential and advantages of natural compost over synthetic fertilizers.

An added advantage is that it can be started from home in a very small outdoor space, and the raw-materials include kitchen waste, cow-dung, leaves, saw-dust, egg shells and other organic wastes.

Remember, that you should not add pet faeces, dairy products, meat or fish bones to your compost. They will increase the chances of producing smell and attracting pests.

In composting, you have various choices available to you regarding the type of composting you want to do. You can use methods like vermicomposting, aerated composting or onsite composting, depending upon your choice.

In composting, you will require composting pits, tools like shovels and gloves, and compost bags etc.

Once your compost is ready, pack it in small packets and do marketing of your product. Use newspapers and door to door campaigns and if possible, set up your website to attract customers.

5. Mushroom Farming Business Idea

Mushrooms are a very nutritious food that are rich in carbohydrates, proteins and antioxidants. They are in high demand especially as people have started becoming health conscious.

It is a very high profitable business and can be started with a very small amount of investment.

The advantages of this business is that it does not require you to spend the entire day with its farming, and its crop gets ready within a month. This makes it an apt choice as side business and quickly benefiting option.

To know all details about mushroom farming, click here.

6. Pickle Making Business Idea


This is among the evergreen village business ideas.

If I will be asked to name two such things that are consumed in the entire India, I would say Pickles and Chutneys. Every one will agree with me. These two items are eaten in every Indian household at one or the other time, and are hence always in great demand.

This business is a very low investment, high profit and quick returns business idea. An extra advantage of this business idea is that you don’t need any extra labour for it, as it can be done by any member of your family, irrespective of gender and age.

You will require your kitchen,big glass utensils, vegetables and fruits, spices and some time to make your pickles.

You can make varieties of pickles like mango pickle, garlic pickle, carrot pickle, coconut pickles fish pickle etc. However, you need to make sure, that you conduct a market research first to know the types of pickles that are in great demand in your area to run your business smoothly in your initial days.

To be successful, you should make pickles naturally, maintain their quality, sell them at reasonable rates and have attractive packaging. Further you should aspire to be a known name in the pickle world and should therefore get a catchy brand name for your business.

7. Cooperative Milk Collection And Processing Business


Another village business idea is that of milk collection and processing.

Milk is a very nutritious food item and always remains in demand. It is consumed in every household in good quantities and its demand is on an ever increasing trend as people have started becoming health conscious.

Make a group of like-minded people, and start collecting milk from your and adjacent villages. Now process it and sell it in nearby towns. The processed is selling at good rates as it has a large shelf life and you can easily earn a profit of 15-20 Rs per litre of milk.

This is a very small investment business idea and can yield high return in a very short span of time.

Once you are good at milk collection, you can diversify your business and jump into manufacturing of milk products like ghee, butter, condensed milk, cheese, ice-cream and lassi. However, you need to bear in mind that milk as such has a very short shelf life and hence requires proper handling.

You will require an easily accessible 250 sqft outdoor space, big collection containers, pasteurizers, lactometres, chulas, packing bottles etc to run this business smoothly.

Make sure that you get a brand name for yourself and always supply the high quality products, to get a space for yourself and to stay longer in this business.

8. Poultry Farming Business Idea


This is another village business idea that can be done with very small investment and it yeilds very high profits in small amount of time.

Poultry farming refers to the raising of chicken, ducks, turkeys and geese for the production of eggs and meat, and the bye-products like bird poop follow. Among poultry birds, the most famous are chickens, and among them broilers are reared for meat and layers for eggs.

This is the fastest growing agri sector and has the potential of employing millions of people. Poultry products are always in high demand and so you can definitely make profits from it. Even though, this business is a bit competitive in nature, but with good planning, you can definitely make a space for yourself.

To run this business successfully you will require a space of 600 sqft, good quality chicks, high quality feed,one or two helpers and a proper license. Before you apply for a licence, make sure that you have a proper name for your farm.

An added advantage of this business idea is that various governements across various states offer subsidized loand to people to start poultry farms.

Once your stock is ready, talk to retailers and non veg food restaurants and supply it to them. In this way, you will eliminate the middlemen and reap a good profit.

9. Organic Farming Business Idea


Organic is a new buzzword these days, both in India as well as foreign countries. More and more people have started going organic and starting organic farming as a full fledged business.

This is a very easy to do and very low investment business idea. It is good in demand and its trend is going to increase in future, as people are starting adopting a healthy and chemical free lifestyle. So, if you love farming, then jump onto the organic bandwagon and be ahead of others.

To run this business successfully, you will require a vast tract of land, organic fertilizers, farming tools and equipments and seeds. An added advantage is that it can be executed as a side business by you in your spare time with the help of your family members.

Before, you resort to organic farming, make sure that visit some organic farm in your vicinity to get a know-how of things and what marketing strategies do they adopt.

Once, you become successful in your organic farming, you can diversify your business and jump into fields like organic poultry farming, organic dairy farming, organic feeds etc.

10. Tutoring Service Business Idea


This is the easiest of all village business ideas

Who does not like to have good and proper education for his children. Every one does, and more so because of the tough competition that we are going through.

If you are educated and have a passion for teaching, and want to make yor contribution in making this world a better place, then you can jump into tutoring service and earn huge profits. The best thing about it is that you dont need much initial investment, except for a white board and some space. If you can’t arrange a space, you can switch to home-tutoring.

It is one such idea, that will never turn old, isflexible and yeilds returns quickly. The more experience you get, the more valuable you become.

After getting a good name in your area, you can collaborate with other tutors and make a full fledged organisation. In addition, you can make an android app to sell your courses online through out the India.

If you want to stay longer in this service, you will have to impart quality education to the students.

So, these were some village business ideas, that you can start in 2022 and earn huge profits within a very short span of time. You need to bear it in mind, that success for all does not come overnight. You will have to be patient, determined and resilient to sail through all the thicks and thins that you may encounter during your business journey.

We Wish You All The Best.

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