What Is Metaverse

What is metaverse? Which companies are pioneering in metaverse?

Metaverse has been a new buzzword in the world, with everyone explaining it according to his understanding. We have seen the CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg and Satya Nadella talking about it. The question that is perplexing every uninitiated person is, what actually is metaverse. What bothers people more is, “when will we get to experience it” and “how it is going to change their lives”.

What Is Metaverse

To be frank, there is no clear cut definition of metaverse yet and it is simple a combination of vaguenss and complexity. In very lucid terms, we can call metaverse a world, where we live and interact digitally. It is a universe beyond our current imagination and is formed by integration of virual reality, augmented reality, holography, digital personalised avatars and other means of communication.

The term “metaverse” was coined by an American Fiction writer “Neal Stephenson” in his novel “Snow Crash” in 1992. In this novel, he imagines a world where the characters meet in a virtual world as 3D avatars.

Metaverse is a cyber-universe, where you live as your digital avatar and have the capability to do all such things, that you do in the real world. Yes, of course, virtually. You can hang out with your friends, celebrate parties, buy properties just like you do here.

Imagine you throwing a party with your friends. Instead of going physically to the restaurant, you decide to celebrate it in metaverse. To do so, you and your friends will jump into metaverse in your digital avatars, hire a digital restaurant, and celebrate your party virtually. The metaverse experience will be so immersive, that you will treat it no less than a real celebration.

We are already seeing the overlap of digital world with physical world. E.g, the “internet of things”, the “Augmented and virtual reality games” etc. Even though the two are already inter-woven, metaverse will enhance it so much, that a new iteration of web will take birth.

In short, metaverse is a combination of various technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, videos, holography to allow people live digitally in an altogether new universe.

How will metaverse feel


Imagine you are in relationship with some one and you cant be together because of some reason. Jump into metaverse and you will have a feeling of being together, when you actually are not.

You want to throw a part with your friends and all restaurants are closed due to lockdown. Jump into metaverse and enjoy the party with digital avatars of your friends.

It will lend a new meaning to work from home concept. You will put on an eye-gear, jump into metaverse and work in the office located in metaverse, without actually missing the joy of being with your co-workers.

You can get any avatar for yourself. If you think you could be better a cat, then you can get a car avatar for you in metaverse. You can customise your avatar any way you want. You can go to a virtual sunglasses store and get that customised according to your taste.

In advanced form of metaverse, you can get an avatar/identity and have the facility to use the same identity anywhere in the metaverse. It is unlike our current imagination, where we use different identities in different platforms/games/applications etc. example: You cant use the same identity in PUBG that you use in FreeFire.

In short, the metaverse will allow its users to work, play and stay connected with their friends through everything from parties, concerts and meetings to virtual tours around the world.

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